Tuesday, September 6, 2016

24 - Season Eight (2010)

Currently watching final season of 24.

I'm not hopeful after viewing the first three episodes.

Watching 24 typically involves a lot of eye rolling at some of the crazier plot twists.

But, boy, are there some outlandish plot developments early in this Fox Television program's final season.


UPDATE: Glad to see enjoyment value picked up considerably now that I'm at episode 20.

Give credit to the writers for a plot that keeps surprising, albeit in some pretty unbelievable ways.

Jack Bauer just did something pretty reprehensible in the last episode I watched. That's marred my feelings about this final season.

UPDATE: I'm sure it's not a coincidence 24's final season is set in New York City - site of terrorist attack on World Trade Center in 2001. Good to see Sutherland's character out on the streets. So much of 24 is set in closed sets where passersby are seldom seen.

UPDATE: Two more episodes to watch. There's plenty of tension and mind games going on - much like past seasons of 24. But Bauer's actions in recent episodes are concerning. 24 has included some gruesome scenes in past seasons, but there's several examples of ramped-up brutality that are very unsettling. I can't recommend this year's episodes to children, nor can I in good faith suggest adults tune in either.

RATING: 6/10

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